Blessings From NormasHerbs

Blessings and thank you for visiting NormasHerbs. We are here to add more blessings to your already blessed day. When I started my alkaline journey I was forced to order from multiple places, causing me to pay multiple shipping fees. I would order the same herb form different places and the herbs would look different. After further research, in some cases, I learned the product was farm raised/fake, not organic, not wild crafted or not what Dr. Sebi himself would use/give. NormasHerbs was created to be trusted, By offering both wild crafted or organic products with one or no shipping fees. We do not do fancy packaging or elaborate website. We do high potency herbs for low prices. We strive to offer the same sourced herbs used by Dr. Sebi himself. Mother nature has always given us everything we need. Yet, some refer to herbs as the alternative. Herbs where used originally and for all of human existence. The synthetic forms of today that cause more negative side effects, treat symptoms and do not address the core problem are the real alternative approach to health issues. Unlearn and Relearn! Reconnect with nature! Return your body to its natural state. Rid yourself of toxins! Lose weight! Become chemical free! Destroy di sease! Avoid di sease! Become the “you” you are meant to be! Alkaline your body and electrify your life! When you order today we here at NormasHerbs become humbled and privileged to assist you on your alkaline journey.

When it comes to alkaline approved herbs? Our thinking here at NormasHerbs is, yes, Dr. Sebi would give Sea Moss, Blue Vervain and other alkaline herbs but are they the same Sea Moss? The same Blue Vervain? The same other alkaline herbs? Are they grown the same? From the same place? Wild Crafted – Organic – Conventionally Grown? Are you taking the compounds the same way Dr. Sebi himself would of had you taken it/had me take it? Should I be following the Western recommended amount/dosage? In the same time frames? Well, here at NormasHerbs we have the same sourced herbs and answers the theses Questions. 

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