Wild Coconut Oil


Wild Coconut Oil benefits are estimated to be 200% more therapeutic by Dr. Sebi.

The Coconuts used are freely grown on secluded beaches in there native lands of Honduras and surrounding areas. Extra Virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. This is the best Coconut Oil possible.

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The main stream coconut oil that we have access to in the states and in western dominated areas of the world is mainly derived from a few companies. Their coconuts have been taken from their native land and grown inland for mass production. When this happens the coconut does not absorb all the minerals it is ment to. In turn reducing the potency of the coconut oil. Yes, the words “extra virgin” “unrefined” and “cold pressed” are necessary, just as much as “Wild”. Wild Coconut Oil is a value component for healing and maintaining AlkaHealth. (Alkaline health:) Wild Coconut Oil is for eating, skin, hair, teeth/oil pulling. Wild Coconut Oil will form a liquid state when just above the temperature of 78F or 26°C. This change does not affect the quality of wild coconut oil.



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