Santa Maria (Tagetes lucida)


May address headaches, digestive tract, lack of appetite, flatulence, pain relief, dysentery and intestinal worms, relaxer and lowers blood pressure. Santa Maria Sticks are great to relive pain.

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Santa Maria is used for and may address digestive tract, lack of appetite, flatulence, dysentery and intestinal worms. It can also be used to bring some relief to sore eyes and protect women against miscarriage, when they are pregnant. An oil which is extracted from the leaves is very effective in may treating skin problems such as eczema. Not only can Santa Maria relax you by putting your mind at ease, it can also may reduce blood pressure.

Santa Maria Sticks are great to relive pain.

Santa Maria acts as a natural may bug repellent and can even protect a garden from weeds and crop eating worms. It’s natural properties means that it can also be burned for incense in a house as well.

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