Teosinte (Alkaline Corn Substitute)

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Teosinte flour (Z. Mays)

This is to be considered a rare delicacy. The Dr. Sebi nutritional guide can seem constricted at times. Well, broaden your options with an old familiar in its original state, starch free alkaline corn flour substitute! I know what your thinking- Corn is not on the list! Lol. Teosinte is Dr. Sebi approved. Teosinte is the flour the Mayans used. There are many items that are not on the list because of accessibility. Well, in our continued commitment to offer authentic Dr. Sebi approved items, we have now made Teosinte flour accessible. Go ahead make Tamales, Tortillas, Gorditas and so much more! Get your Teosinte flour now! May take up to 3 weeks ship. Available for a limited time only.

Dr. Sebi’s original and unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.

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